Still waters Q&A

Are pets allowed?

Unfortunately, due to allergies and shared common areas we cannot allow pets in our homes.

Will I be able to work?

Yes, we encourage all residents to be working. However, employment schedules must not conflict with program curfews and requirements.

Can I have my car?

You may have a car, you will not have access to it while in Immersion Phase (the first 4-6 weeks). The use of a car is viewed as a privilege and will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Do my charges disqualify me?

While we do accept people with criminal histories, including felonies, City Ordinance 565.28.1, prohibits us from accepting those who are currently serving probation or parole for a crime against a person and those who have an outstanding warrant.

Do you take children?

Treasure House accepts pregnant women or women with children 3 and younger.

What about pain meds?

We do not allow medical marijuana, benzos, and opiates.

Can I go to school?

Yes. However, school schedules must not conflict with program curfews and requirements.

Am I allowed to date? What about a romantic relationship I’m already in?

Dating men or women is prohibited for at least the first year of the program. All current relationships will need to be put on hold for that time.

How much does it cost?

If a resident comes into the program with a job or other income program fees begin upon intake, $300 a month. You must start to pay program fees within 90 days of intake.

Do I have to be a Christian?

You are not required to be a Christian but we believe that true transformation comes from knowing Jesus Christ. The foundation of our program is based on the Christian bible and residents are required to attend Church at Open Door Fellowship.

We understand that church attendance can be sensitive. We believe that our community is a safe and open place for all people regardless of past church experience.


How do I apply?

You will need to check this website for availability first. If the house you're interested in is filling openings, you will come to the Open Door Ministries office (1530 Marion St. Denver Co 80218) to attend an orientation. You will learn about the program and will be invited to stay for an interview. Following interviews, staff will check references and run a background check. You will mostly likely be contacted in 7-10 business days. 

How do I apply If I’m in jail/prison?

You can send a letter to the Open Door Ministries office (PO Box 18018 Denver CO 80218) and request an application. Upon release you would be invited to attend an informational meeting about our program and depending on availability would be invited to interview. Unfortunately, we are unable to be an immediate resource for you when you are released.

How do I apply if I'm living out of state?

You can send a letter to the Open Door Ministries office (PO Box 18018 Denver CO 80218) and request an application.

How long is your program?

It will take two years to graduate and we ask for at least a six month commitment.

What are your sober living policies?

We do random drug testing, breathalyzers, and room searches. There is no drug or alcohol use allowed. The use of marijuana, benzos and opiates are prohibited.

Would I have my own room?

Yes each resident has their own room. Bathroom, kitchen, living room space are shared.