Family Room

The Family Room exists to be a welcoming space to anyone in our community.

Every day we greet many people from our front desk in the Family Room, offering our guests a place to sit and rest, a cup of coffee, wifi access, and more. We average over 1,600 homeless individuals and other neighbors each month and highly value our growing friendships with all of these amazing people. 

A key component of the ministry is providing hospitality to homeless individuals that need a brief reprieve from being out on the streets all day. We always have two Family Room staff on duty to assist people who are looking for resources such as housing or food. We see opportunities to share life, share friendship and share Christ every day!


We had an average of 1,648 monthly drop-in visits to the family room in 2018.

Another facet of the Family Room outreach is empowering people in our community to give back and serve in the body of Christ. As a part of our Very Important Volunteer (VIV) program, several people volunteer on a regular basis to keep the Family Room and church property in good shape by washing windows, mopping floors, brewing coffee, keeping the room tidy, and helping with donations and front desk responsibilities.