Internship FAQ

How do I become an intern?
If you are interested in becoming an intern please contact Laura Stokes at or 720-975-0101. You can click here to download the application, which you can send to Laura upon completion. Following receipt of your application, we will talk with you, check references and determine which program may be the best fit for you. You will also interview with the director of the specific program you are interested in interning with.   

What are the intern program expectations?
Each intern will have a direct supervisor in your specific placement. You will meet weekly as an intern group for debriefing and prayer. You will be expected to attend one of the services of Open Door Fellowship on Sundays (a choice of 3 service times). There will be general intern service projects in addition to your normal duties within your specific ministry. 

Where will I live?
We require that summer interns live in Open Door housing. There is no cost for the internship itself; housing is provided at no cost. Interns are responsible for covering the costs of food, travel, toiletries, recreational activities, etc. Fall and Spring interns may or may not be able to live on site.

When does the internship start and how long do interns stay?
2018 summer internships start on Wednesday, May 30th. Summer internships last 11 weeks. The start date for fall and spring internships can be determined with the Internship Director. Typically, an internship lasts the whole summer or semester.     


How many hours per week will I be working?
Summer internships will be a full-time job. Fall and Spring internships can be part -time. Summer interns should plan to work about 40 hours per week between your direct placement, church and other intern activities. If it is longer than a summer or semester the hours will be discussed with the intern, Internship Director, and supervisor.     

Can I take a vacation or go away for the weekend?
Yes, as long as the timing works with your particular ministry. All vacations should be approved ahead of time by your direct supervisor and the Internship Director. It is likely that it will not be a problem at all. Memorial Day and the 4th of July are honored as holidays in most cases.

Can I receive credit for my internship?
In many cases, you can receive credit for your internship. The Internship Director can act as a field supervisor on your behalf. We will do our best to work with the requirements of your school to make this possible. Please let us know, in writing, how we can best help you.    

Do I have to receive credit for my internship?
No, many interns simply come for the ministry experience.



Can I work another job during the internship?
We ask that interns do not work another job because they are required to work 40+ hours a week and balancing that with a second job can become complicated. Please do not commit to a 2nd position without talking with us first. 

Can I take a class during the internship?
The intern will need to be careful not to be too busy with side responsibilities. It may work out, but it must be approved with the Internship Director first. 

Is this a paid internship?
No, although you have the option to raise financial support for yourself. Interns can raise $1768 per month plus travel expenses to and from Denver (must have receipts to be reimbursed). These funds are given straight to you as a salary and are subsequently taxed, like any other income. You will receive a W-2 at the end of the year. Many of our previous interns have come without raising financial support. If you choose to raise funds, please contact the Internship Director and she will assist you in the process. 

What expenses will I need to pay for?
Typically, interns will need to pay for their own food, gas, bus passes, car insurance, entertainment, etc. Cars are not required, but it may be expected that interns use their cars for ministry purposes if they have one. In those cases, interns will be reimbursed for gas. Summer interns receive housing on the Open Door block free of charge. Housing during Spring and Fall internships may or may not be available.

How does housing work?
Summer Interns are required to live on the ODM block, with limited exceptions. The cost is free for the duration of your stay. You will share a bedroom with other interns. You will have very limited personal space so please pack light! Fall and Spring interns may or may not have housing available to them on the ODM block.    

Will I need my own transportation?
As you arrive and depart, you will need to arrange transportation to and from Denver. If flying, you can fly in and out of Denver International Airport (DIA) and research for shuttles, trains, Uber or taxis to bring you downtown. You will want the shuttle to drop you off at the ODM Family Room: 1567 Marion St, Denver, CO 80218. You are allowed to bring your own vehicle; however, parking is limited. Public transportation is easily accessible if needed and is very close by.  

Where can I receive mail during my internship?
Personal mail can be addressed to your name and to our physical mailing address (1530 Marion St, Denver, CO 80218). If you are raising support then please have the financial support mail go to: Open Door Ministries, Attn: Your Name, PO Box 18018, Denver, CO 80218.

For more information email Laura Stokes or call 303-975-0101.