Lessons learned from the bottom of the stairs


We’re excited to announce that Lessons Learned from the Bottom of the Stairs, an autobiography by ODM’s Cornerstone Home Director, Randy Milliken, is now published! Although Randy was born with cerebral palsy, he’s never let that hold him back. This book is full of stories from his compelling journey and lessons that are applicable for all, disabled or not. Randy finds extraordinary joy and meaning in every situation and this book is sure to inspire you!

You can get your signed copy of Lessons Learned from the Bottom of the Stairs simply by paying $12 (including shipping) at this link. We’ll follow up by sending a signed copy! All proceeds go toward Open Door to fund disabled housing in urban Denver.

The Power of Proximity


When you purchase Michelle’s book through ODM, 100% of the proceeds go to support the ministry.

Michelle Warren, long-time staff member of Open Door and wife of our Executive Director, is the author of The Power of Proximity.

In her book, Michelle shares her years of experience in urban ministry and living in communities where her family was “proximate to the poor.”

We can see evidence of injustice all around us, whether in continuing incidents of racial inequality or in the systemic forces that disenfranchise people and perpetuate poverty. It's important to learn about the world's inequities and to be a voice for the voiceless any way we can. But in an age of hashtag and armchair activism, merely raising awareness about injustice is not enough.

Michelle Warren knows what is needed. She and her family have chosen to live in communities where they are "proximate to the pain of the poor." This makes all the difference in facing and overcoming injustice. When we build relationships where we live, we discover the complexities of standing with the vulnerable and the commitment needed for long-term change.

Proximity changes our perspective, compels our response, and keeps us committed to the journey of pursuing justice for all. Move beyond awareness and experience the power of proximity.